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A Place in the Sun: Messinia Peninsula, Greece (S2022EP43 Channel 4 Friday 8 July 2022)



Messinia Peninsula, Greece: Laura Hamilton is house-hunting around the Messinia peninsula in Greece with Martin and Sonia from Bristol. The couple have been travelling extensively around Greece for many years since their first trip 36 years ago, and now they’re dreaming of retiring there permanently. For their maximum budget of £125,000, Laura has five fantastic options to show them, but will any turn out to be their new forever home?

Prod/Dir: Chris Christodoulou; Series Prod: Jamie Broome; Prod Co: Freeform

Airdate: Friday 8 July 2022 at 16:00 on Channel 4

Season 2022 Episode 43

Property experts help house hunters find their dream properties in the sun.