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A Place in the Sun: Sunny Beach, Bulgaria Today Monday 26 September 2022 on Channel 4



A Place In The Sun

What’s happening on the Sunny Beach, Bulgaria episode of A Place in the Sun Today Monday 26 September on Channel 4; Kelly from Essex would adore a vacation home in Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach, a resort city on the Black Sea. She wants to live in a complex with many amenities, including a pool.

Will any of Scarlette Douglas’s five amazing properties be the ideal package along with a $25,000 budget and assistance from Kelly’s best friend Angie?

Prod/Dir: Steven Eker; Series Prod: Jamie Broome; Senior Series Prod: Siobhan O’Gorman; Prod Co: Freeform

Airdate: Monday 26 September 2022 at 3.00pm on Channel 4.