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A Place In The Sun: Tenerife (Tuesday 29 November 2022 Channel 4)



A Place in the Sun

Today Tuesday 29 November 2022 the show A Place In The Sun airs an episode called Tenerife on Channel 4

Tenerife: Del and his wife, Diane, want to spend the winter months in the sun with their grown children and newborn grandson, so Ben Hillman assists them in finding the ideal vacation home in Tenerife. The couple has their hearts set on a family-sized home with a pool on the island’s west coast for their £120,000 spending limit. Ben soars with five incredible options to present to them, but will he win full house-hunting glory by finding them the ideal home?

Airdate, Episode Count and Show Info

Tuesday 29 November 2022 at 3.00pm on Channel 4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4