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A Prince For The Holidays (GAC Family Saturday December 10, 2022)



A Prince For The Holidays

Today Saturday December 10, 2022 the show A Prince For The Holidays airs a new episode called .

Madison, a budding musician, jokes with her domineering family that she is dating the prince of a small European country. The joke is taken too far when her coworker and friend Sebastian is tricked into impersonating the prince while visiting her family in New Jersey. Madison has no idea that Sebastian is guarding a royal secret.

With Cindy Busby (), Jilon VanOver (), Richard Cutting (King Francis), Richard Fysh (Argyle), Nancy Harding (Ruth Little), Sarah Helbringer (Yvet), Kelly Mulvihill (Tina), John Palacio (Claude), Sarah Pribis (Cambria), Lawrence Shagawat (Eddie), Deborah Tucker (Queen Angelique),


Today, Saturday December 10, 2022, the episode airs at 8.00pm on GAC Family.

Featured Image Credit: GAC Family