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A Very Peculiar Practice: The Hit List (S1EP6 BBC-2 24 Jun 1986, Jean Heywood)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

The Hit List: When the Vice Chancellor tries to involve the medical practice in another of his schemes, Stephen and Jock decide he must not succeed.

Show Info: Comedy drama series. Idealistic Doctor Stephen Daker begins working in the medical block of Lowlands University and is soon beset by chaos and strange happenings.

Cast: Peter Davison (Doctor Steven Daker), David Troughton (Doctor Bob Buzzard), Graham Crowden (Doctor Jock McGannon), Barbara Flynn (Doctor Rose Marie), Sonia Hart (Nun), Elaine Turrell (Nun), Amanda Hillwood (Lyn Turtle), John Bird (Ernest Hemmingway), Takashi Kawahara (Cheng Sung Yau), Frances White (Dorothy Hampton), Eiji Kusuhara (Japanese Interpreter), Jean Heywood

Writer: Andrew Davies / Director: David Tucker

Airdate: 24 Jun 1986

Series: A Very Peculiar Practice Season 1 Episode 6