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ABC: Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime Episode 2 (16 Oct 2015 with Jessica Raine)



AIRDATE: Friday 16 October 2015 at 8:30pm on ABC

Time to make the most of these three feature length period crime dramas as the BBC have confirmed they won’t be making any more. This is the second of three stories.

Rita’s friend, Judge James Peel, hands over a package from Brown – something to help her get close to ‘our American friend’.
Meanwhile Tommy (David Walliams), getting ever closer to where Jane Finn is being held, is mistaken for a criminal by a gang, and is forced to get drunk with them. But he overhears references to the CIA ‘losing their man’.

Tuppence (Jessica Raine), while at Rita’s flat looking for the package, learns that James Peel is actually one of Carter’s agents and a potential ally.

Tommy and Tuppence think they’ve discovered Brown’s target when Albert reveals that the American Secretary of State is visiting London in two days to sign a treaty of nuclear mutual co-operation – of vital importance to Britain. And if the CIA even gets wind of the threat it’ll be disastrous.

Carter reveals that the Secretary always takes in an opera performance, but curiously it’s not a Rita who will perform, it’s Genevieve Wildridge. Carter refuses to help Tommy impersonate Drennan, or give him the £1000 he needs to regain entry to the gang’s Soho den, but Tommy and Tuppence attempt it anyway, using Jane’s rich Uncle Julius to get the money.

While Tuppence goes back to Rita’s to find out more about the plot to kill the American dignitary, Tommy manages to get inside the house where Jane is being kept with Julius waiting outside to call the police. But the gang are waiting for him, and after being moved and interrogated, is only saved from death when a call from Mr Brown comes… he has a job for Tommy.
Short synopsis

Cast: David Walliams, Jessica Raine.

Production details
Produced by Endor Productions and Agatha Christie Productions Ltd for BBC One,
Writer: Zinnie Harris,
Director: Edward Hall,
Producer: Georgina Lowe.



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