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About Face: Monkey business (S2EP5 ITV 4 Feb 1991, Bernard Hill)



Monkey business: Animal rights campaigner Helen is caught apparently smuggling cocaine through customs, this mix-up is really a cover up for her smuggling of a chimpanzee.

Cast: Maureen Lipman (Helen Firebrace), Bernard Hill (Bryce), Rory McGrath (Interpreter), Kenneth MacDonald (Supervisor), Pietro Guggiana (Paco), Sarah Lancashire (Rebecca), Carmen Gomez (Check-In Woman)

Writer: Paul Smith and Terry Kyan / Director: John Henderson

Airdate: 4 Feb 1991 on ITV

Series: About Face Season 2 Episode 5

Show Info: About Face, from 1989 and again in 1991 allowed Maureen Lipman room to excel in 12 one off individual comedies written by some major names.