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About Face: Tourist attraction (S2EP1 ITV 7 Jan 1991, Keith Barron)



Tourist attraction: Tourist guide Louise is desperate to meet up with her German boyfriend.

Cast: Maureen Lipman (Louise), Keith Barron (Ken), Libby Morris (Mrs Maldini), Carol Cleveland (Mrs Rodgers), Brian Greene (Mr Rodgers), Philip O’Brien (Mr Daniels), Joan Davidson (Mrs Webster), Tim Barker (Caretaker), Chris Sullivan (Pub Manager)

Writers: Paul Smith and Terry Kyan/ Director: John Henderson

Airdate: 7 Jan 1991 on ITV

Series: About Face Season 2 Episode 1

Show Info: About Face, from 1989 and again in 1991 allowed Maureen Lipman room to excel in 12 one off individual comedies written by some major names.