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After Ever After Red Riding Hood (Sky Max Friday 23 December 2022)



After Ever After

Red Riding Hood: Fifty years after the events of the original fairy tale, an adult Red Riding Hood is known throughout the town of Wolferton as the dreaded Wolf Buster, who uses her Wolf Blaster to hunt down wolves and permanently remove them from the forest.

After listening to her grandmother tell the famous story many times, Red Riding Boots, Red’s eager and bright granddaughter, desperately wants to become a Wolf Buster herself.

Helga and Otto, two wealthy German tourists, arrive and demand to see a real-life wolf. Plank and his son Chip do everything they can to con as much money as possible out of them, including sending Chip into the deep, dark forest by himself.

After being told by a wise old owl named Twit that the forest is suffering and out of balance due to the wolf’s presence, Boots decides to take matters into her own hands and go on a wolf hunt. This makes Mother Nature very angry because the natural order of the forest has been disrupted.

After some consideration, Boots concludes that it is her responsibility to prevent the extinction of wolves.

Airdate: Friday 23 December 2022 at 8.00pm on Sky Max.

Featured Image Credit: Sky Max