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Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime: Finessing the King (S1EP6 Sun 27 Nov 1983)



Finessing the King: Tuppence’s curiosity about a cryptic message in a newspaper personal column leads her to suspect a romantic rendezvous. Attempting to prove her theory correct she persuades Tommy to attend the Three Arts Ball and later to visit a cafe suspected to be a meeting point. Hearing a cry from an adjoining room, Tuppence investigates and discovers Lady Merivale.

Before dying Lady Merivale whispers “”Bingo did it”” Captain Bingo Hale, Lady Merivale’s lover, is arrested, which leads the Beresford’s to go from accusers to trying to prove Captain Hale’s innocence.

guest cast
Annie Lambert (Lady Merivale) Arthur Cox (Inspector Marriott) Benjamin Whitrow (Sir Arthur Merivale) John Gillett (Dr Stoughton) Peter Blythe (Captain Bingo Hale) Anna Turner (Widow)

Writer: Gerald Savory
Director: Christopher Hodson

Airdate: Sunday 27 November 1983 on ITV.

Season 1, Episode 6

Series: Agatha Christie’s Partners In Crime