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Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime: The Secret Adversary (S1EP1 ITV Sun 9 Oct 1983, with Honor Blackman)



The Secret Adversary: Childhood friends Tommy Beresford and Prudence Cowley, affectionately known as Tuppence, meet in London at the end of the First World War. Short of money and with no prospects, they decide to become adventurers and are soon working for the British Government. Their assignment is to find the missing Jane Finn who is suspected of having been in possession a secret treaty signed before the war and which is now missing.

Although the treaty is no longer valid, it can cause lots of trouble for the present government. Kidnapping, treachery and Bolsheviks await our adventures before they solve the first of their many cases.

guest cast
Gavan O’Herlihy (Julius P. Hersheimmer), Alec McCowen (Sir James Peele Edgerton), Honor Blackman (Rita Vandemeyer), Peter Barkworth (Carter), Toria Fuller (Jane Finn), John Fraser (Kramenin), George Baker (Whittington), Donald Houston (Boris), Joseph Brady (Dr Hall), Wolf Kahler (The German), Peter Lovstrom (Henry), Matthew Scurfield (Conrad), Holly Watson (Child on Beach), Phyllida Hewat (Woman in Tea Shop), James Walker (II), (First Clerk), Mike Elles (Second Clerk), Gabrielle Blunt (Annie), Norman Hartley (Florist), Roger Ostime (Ritz Hotel Receptionist), Nicholas Geake (Watson), Simon Watkins (Man at Astley Priors), Steve Fletcher, (Messenger Boy)

Writer: Pat Sandys
Director: Tony Wharmby

Airdate: Sunday 9 October 1983 on ITV.

Season 1, Episode 1

Series: Agatha Christie’s Partners In Crime