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Agatha Christie’s Poirot: The Adventure of the Clapham Cook (S1EP1 ITV 8 Jan 1989, Brigit Forsyth)



The Adventure of the Clapham Cook: A Mrs Ernestine Todd, from Clapham, asks Poirot to help her find her cook, Eliza, who has disappeared. Poirot, who aims to accept only really significant cases, is at first insulted by such a trivial request. However, after he sees the contents of the missing cook’s trunk, he decides the case could prove to be worthy of his talents.

guest cast
Brigit Forsyth as Mrs. Todd
Dermot Crowley as Arthur Simpson
Freda Dowie as Eliza Dunn
Antony Carrick as Mr. Todd
Katy Murphy as Annie
Danny Webb as Porter
Richard Bebb as Mr. Cameron
Brian Poyser as Salvation Army Speaker
Phillip Manikum as Police Sergeant

Director: Edward Bennett
Director of Photography: Ivan Strasburg
Art Direction: Peter Wenham
Set Dresser: Carlotta Barrow
Costume Designer: Sue Thomson
Makeup Supervisor: Christine Cant
Makeup Artist: Roseann Samuel
Editor: Derek Bain
Sound Recordist: Ken Weston
Casting Director: Rebecca Howard
Production Design: Rob Harris
Teleplay: Clive Exton

Original Airdate: 8 Jan 1989 on ITV
Series: Agatha Christie’s Poirot Season 1 Episode 1