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Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow: Bullseye (S2EP6 ITV Sat 8 May 2021)



Bullseye: Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow is back this week with an all-star special of Bullseye.

Three teams of celebrities and professional darts players will be answering questions and throwing arrows in the hope of getting through to the Epic Endgame and winning £30,000 for their chosen charity.

Airdate: Sat 8 May 2021 at 19:30 on ITV

Season 2 Episode 6

Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow sees the brilliant Alan Carr at the helm of five of the nation's all-time favourite gameshows. 

The series will see contestants hoping to win either big-cash rewards or top-of-the-range prizes. Alongside the entertaining, hilarious and nail-biting contests that viewers know and love, each episode will climax with an all-new epic endgame, bringing these iconic shows bang up to date.

From Play Your Cards Right and The Price is Right, to Take Your Pick, Strike it Lucky and Bullseye, players will be taking on each show for the chance to win some truly epic prizes.