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All Around Britain: Episode 1 – Series Premiere (S1EP1 ITV Sun 6 Sep 2020)



In episode one, the duo are at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire, where they will join the keepers to feed the koalas, sea lions and giraffes. Plus they will be rolling up their sleeves to help prepare food for the park's twelve hundred residents, including mixing an insect porridge to feed a hungry anteater. But will Ranvir and Alex get to the middle of Longleat's famous hedge maze, which is the longest in Britain?

Each week, Ranvir Singh and Alex Beresford take viewers on a tour around Britain for the best stories from ITV's flagship regional news programmes, with uplifting tales of human endeavour, stunning landscapes and local history.

There's never been a better time to sit back and enjoy some of the UK's hidden gems and every week Ranvir and Alex will host the show from some of the country's most popular attractions and famous landmarks and discover their lesser-known stories.

Airdate: Sun 6 Sep 2020 at 11.20am on ITV

Season 1 Episode 1