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All Creatures Great and Small: Nothing Like Experience (S1EP6 BBC-1 12 Feb 1978, Jack Watson)



Nothing Like Experience: James musters the courage to visit Helen after she’s seen him at his worst. Siegfried resorts to sorcery to aid a gypsy’s ailing pony, and a wild ghost chase solves the mystery of the shrouded figure haunting Raine Abbey.

Show Info: Based on the highly popular books by James Herriot these gentle and homely tales of veterinary life between the 1930’s and 1950’s were set in Darrowby, Yorkshire.

Cast: Christopher Timothy (James Herriot), Robert Hardy (Siegfried Farnon), Peter Davison (Tristan Farnon), Mary Hignett (Mrs Hall), Carol Drinkwater (Helen Alderson), Janet Davies (Mrs Dalby), Ivor Salter (Gobber Newhouse), Peter Martin (Handshaw), Jack Watson, Frank Birch, Cyril Appleton, Stephen Bratt, Dickie Arnold, Joe Holmes, Colin Fay, John Who,

Writer: Johnny Byrne / Director: Christopher Baker

Airdate: 12 Feb 1978 on BBC-1

Series: All Creatures Great and Small Season 1 Episode 6