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All Rise: Merrily We Ride Along (S1EP20 CBS Mon 13 Apr 2020)



Merrily We Ride Along: After a near breakdown, Emily arrives at a sobering conclusion, and Lola suggests she find professional help in order to get healthy. Also, Mark finds himself in an uncomfortable position after he agrees to do a police ride-along, and Lola is faced with her own crisis after learning that Robin didn’t get the job in Los Angeles.

Simone Missick (Lola Carmichael)
Wilson Bethel (Mark Callan)
Marg Helgenberger (Lisa Benner)
Jessica Camacho (Emily Lopez)
J. Alex Brinson (Luke Watkins)
Lindsay Mendez (Sara Castillo)
Ruthie Ann Miles (Sherri Kansky)

Reggie Lee (Head DDA Thomas Choi)
Lindsey Gort (Amy Quinn)
Audrey Corsa (Samantha Powell)
L. Scott Caldwell (Roxy Robinson)
Rahnuma Panthaky (Leila Turani)
Romeo Brown (Det. Quincy Weber)
Raquel Dominguez (Daphne Rivas)
Bret Harrison (Ben Benner)

David Desantos (Peter Diaz)
Rebecca Field (Carol Coleman)
Brent Jennings (Charles Carmichael)
Jeremy Howard (Jimmy Slimms)
Jamie Anne Allman (Jordan Woodley)
Nathan People (Kavon Finch)
Rodney To (Daniel Lee)
Tripp Pickell (Sergeant Porada)
Scotty Tovar (Arturo)
Ahmad Dugas (Deputy Douglas)
Catherine Bruhier (Dr. Bhatti)

WRITTEN BY: Gregory Nelson & Aaron Carter
DIRECTED BY: Cheryl Dunye

Airdate: Monday 13 April 2020 at 9.00pm on CBS.

Season 1 Episode 20