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All Rise: The Joy from Oz (S1EP11 CBS Mon 16 Dec 2019)



The Joy from Oz: Amid holiday parties, Lola must defend herself before the Commission on Judicial Performance after a complaint is made against her. Also, Judge Lisa Benner enlists Sara, Emily and Luke in staging a “Wizard of Oz”-themed mock trial for the children of Hall of Justice employees, in which Dorothy is on trial for killing the wicked witch.

Simone Missick (Lola Carmichael)
Wilson Bethel (Mark Callan)
Marg Helgenberger (Lisa Benner)
Jessica Camacho (Emily Lopez)
J. Alex Brinson (Luke Watkins)
Lindsay Mendez (Sara Castillo)
Ruthie Ann Miles (Sherri Kansky)

Reggie Lee (Head DDA Thomas Choi)
Paul McCrane (Judge Jonas Laski)
Tony Denison (Vic Callan)
Lindsey Gort (Amy Quinn)
Suzanne Cryer (Maggie Palmer)
Tom Gallop (Ez Driscoll)
Joe Williamson (Kevin Harris)
Alysia Reiner (Deb Thomson)
Parvesh Cheena (Sai Dalal)
Grant Harvey (Liam O’Hare)
David Paladino (Trevor Mabbit)
Jonathan Craig Williams (Detective Warren Crimp)
Sofie Calderon (Detective Bobbi Reese)
Eileen Grubba (Becca Harper)
Lily Mae Harrington (Abbey Harper)
Carrie Gibson (Grand Jury Foreperson)

WRITTEN BY: Conway Preston
DIRECTED BY: Claudia Yarmy

Airdate: Monday 16 December 2019 at 9.00pm on CBS.

Season 1, Episode 11