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All Rise: The Tale of Three Arraignments (S1EP18 CBS Mon 16 Mar 2020)



The Tale of Three Arraignments: Lola and Mark find themselves in trouble for pushing their bosses too hard in their pursuit of justice and fair play. As punishment, Lola is assigned to arraignment court for the week, while Mark is bumped down to the Charge Evaluation Unit. Also, their best friend from law school, powerhouse attorney Rachel Audubon (Ryan Michelle Bathe), is there to witness it all.

Simone Missick (Lola Carmichael)
Wilson Bethel (Mark Callan)
Marg Helgenberger (Lisa Benner)
Jessica Camacho (Emily Lopez)
J. Alex Brinson (Luke Watkins)
Lindsay Mendez (Sara Castillo)
Ruthie Ann Miles (Sherri Kansky)

Reggie Lee (Head DDA Thomas Choi)
Lindsey Gort (Amy Quinn)
Todd Williams (Robin Taylor)
Audrey Corsa (Samantha Powell)
Suzanne Cryer (DDA Maggie Palmer)

Ryan Michelle Bathe (Rachel Audubon)
Nicholas Christopher (David Sanders)
Raven Bowens (Pamela “Diamond Pinafore)
Greg Tarzan Davis (Freddie Davidson)
Steven Williams (Tony Carver)
Michael Beach (Det. Rick Kramer)
Andrew Hwang (Det. E.J. Newbury)
Romeo Brown (Detective Weber)
Kobe Reverditto (Bailiff)

WRITTEN BY: Denitria Harris-Lawrence
DIRECTED BY: Claudia Yarmy

Airdate: Monday 16 March 2020 at 9.00pm on CBS.

Season 1 Episode 16