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All Rise: What the Constitution Greens to Me (S1EP12 CBS Mon 6 Jan 2020)



Following her battle with the Commission of Judicial Performance, Lola questions her own brand of creative justice. And when Benner assigns Lola a politically charged eco-terrorism trial that involves a senator’s son, once again, Lola realizes she must trust her instincts in order to succeed.

Simone Missick (Lola Carmichael)
Wilson Bethel (Mark Callan)
Marg Helgenberger (Lisa Benner)
Jessica Camacho (Emily Lopez)
J. Alex Brinson (Luke Watkins)
Lindsay Mendez (Sara Castillo)
Ruthie Ann Miles (Sherri Kansky)

Lindsey Gort (Amy Quinn)
Tony Denison (Vic Callan)
Mitch Silpa (Clayton Berger)
Peter Macnicol (Judge Albert Campbell)
Graham Patrick Martin (Jeremy Moore)
Kathleen York (Valerie Moore)
Patrick Duffy (Ed Parker)
Alimi Ballard (Niles Allen)
John Billingsley (Dr. Timothy Gipson)
Hope Banks (Lauri Perkins)
Alicia Coppola (Wanda Taylor)
Tony Colitti (Robert Salazar)
Charles Baker (Kurt Flannery)
Wade Wilson (Darius Holmes)
Cynthia Quiles (Reporter)

WRITTEN BY: Shernold Edwards & James Rogers III
DIRECTED BY: Steve Robin

Airdate: Monday 6 January 2020 at 9.00pm on CBS.

Season 1 Episode 12