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Alone: The Skills Challenge: Floating Shelter (S1EP9 History Thursday September 29, 2022)



Floating Shelter

Floating Shelter: Jordan Jonas, the Season 6 winner, challenges Joel van der Loon, the Season 7 winner, Callie North, the Season 3 winner, and Britt Ahart, the Seasons 3 and 5 winner, to construct a raft with a shelter. Will they be able to find the raw materials to float with the three tools they have at their disposal, or will they run out and sink?

Airdate: Thursday September 29, 2022 at 22:06 on History

Season 1 Episode 9

Alone: The Skills Challenge pits 3 former Alone participants head-to-head to complete incredible bushcraft builds using only basic tools and the natural resources around them. Their goal: to prove who has the ingenuity, experience and wilderness skills to craft the most unbelievable survival build. From elevated shelters to hand-crafted ovens to watercraft, participants will give their all to amaze former Alone participants who will judge the builds. Just like Alone, challengers will self-document their experience but this time on their home terrain.