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Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job “Episode 4” (BBC One Friday 3 February 2023)



Amanda & Alan's Italian Job

Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job airs a new episode tonight Friday 3 February 2023 on BBC One.

“Episode 4” Amanda and Alan turn their attention outside as they aim to transform the scruffy courtyard into a Mediterranean oasis.

Alan and Amanda take a field trip to one of the most famous wineries in Sicily so that they can “study the garden” there. After assisting with the grape harvest, they are treated to a meal and a concert by the vineyard’s owner, Jose.

Alan, eager to make something with a truly Sicilian aesthetic, visits the renowned ceramic scene in Sciacca and practises his painting skills on some Moor heads. With the help of two famous baroque-style artists, he creates a stunning centrepiece for the courtyard that reflects the island’s illustrious past.

Repairing the old courtyard walls, a considerably greater project than they had originally thought, is where Amanda focuses her efforts.

Airdate: Friday 3 February 2023 at 8.30pm on BBC One.

Season 1 Episode 4

Featured Image Credit: BBC One