Amanda Owen’s Farming Lives Series Premiere (More4 Wednesday 25 January 2023)



Amanda Owen's Farming Lives

Today Wednesday 25 January 2023, there is a new episode of Amanda Owen’s Farming Lives.

Series Premiere In this brand-new series, Amanda Owen, better known as the Yorkshire Shepherdess, travels to some of the United Kingdom’s most extraordinary farms in breathtaking locations and immerses herself in daily life there, all the while learning about and experiencing the challenges faced by today’s farmers and the unwavering dedication and passion that keep the business afloat.

In this premiere, Amanda uproots from her farm in Yorkshire and moves to the remote island of Shetland in the extreme north of Great Britain. She moves in with Kirsty and Aimee, two inspiring young sisters who ran their father’s beautiful seaside farm when he died unexpectedly.

Amanda not only listens to their inspiring backstory, but also becomes involved in the sisters’ everyday farming activities by helping them transport their cattle across the island.

Amanda joins Aimee and Kirsty for a lovely horse ride on the sands after they finish a hard day of work on the farm and sit down to a hearty meal of traditional Shetland fare.

Airdate: Wednesday 25 January 2023 at 21:00 on More4

Season 1 Episode 1

The Yorkshire Shepherdess gets stuck into daily life on some of the UK’s most extraordinary farms, as she explores the pressures facing the modern farmer and the sheer passion that keeps them going.

Featured image credit: More4

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