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American Crime Season 3 Episode 4 (ABC 2 Apr 2017, with Cherry Jones)



American Crime Season 3 Episode 4

Luis learns about the fate of his son, as Coy devises a plan to get himself off the farm. Jeanette tries to plead her case about the working conditions in the fields to Laurie Ann while Shae comes to a decision that will affect the rest of her life.

Meanwhile, business owner Nicholas Coates struggles with making a profit in a market that continuously demands lower prices while his wife, Clair, decides to hire and provide a working visa for a Haitian woman, Gabrielle, to be their son’s nanny.

Cast: Regina King as Kimara Walters, Felicity Huffman as Jeanette Hesby, Timothy Hutton as Nicholas Coates, Lili Taylor as Clair Coates, Connor Jessup as Coy Henson, Richard Cabral as Isaac Castillo and Benito Martinez as Luis Salazar.

Guest Cast: Ana Mulvoy-Ten as Shae Reese, Mickaëlle X. Bizet as Gabrielle Durand, Cherry Jones as Laurie Ann Hesby, Tim DeKay as JD Hesby, Dallas Roberts as Carson Hesby and Kurt Krause as Dustin Eagers.

Written by Sonay Hoffman and was directed by Steph Green.

Series: American Crime Season 3 Episode 4
Airdate: Sunday 2 April 2017 at 10.00pm on ABC