American Crime Season 3 Episode 6 (ABC 16 Apr 2017, with Dallas Roberts)

American Crime

Nicholas is distraught with the reality of his failing business and takes his frustration out on Clair. Upset about her deteriorating marriage, Clair becomes increasingly controlling over Gabriella. Jeanette attempts to find a job while continuing to live with her sister Raelyn, and Kimara is faced with a difficult decision that will test her morals.

Meanwhile, Shae begins to feel as though she’s being shortchanged for her work in the webcam house, which leads to a tragic confrontation.

Cast: Regina King as Kimara Walters, Felicity Huffman as Jeanette Hesby, Timothy Hutton as Nicholas Coates and Lili Taylor as Clair Coates.

Guest Cast: Sandra Oh as Abby Tanaka, Ana Mulvoy-Ten as Shae Reese, Mickaëlle X. Bizet as Gabrielle Durand, Dallas Roberts as Carson Hesby, Janel Moloney as Raelyn, Rey Herrera as Everett, Kurt Krause as Dustin Eagers and Lauren Bowles as Helen Williams.

Written by Steve Harper and was directed by Ramsey Nickell.

Series: American Crime Season 3 Episode 6
Airdate: Sunday 16 April 2017 at 10.00pm on ABC

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