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American Housewife: The Couple (ABC Dec 6, 2017 with Ali Wong)



The Couple: After feeling like their whole world and all of their conversations revolve around kids, Greg and Katie are ecstatic to meet new friends Zach and Courtney, a couple without children. Meanwhile, Anna-Kat coerces Taylor and Oliver into helping her with a storytelling project, which turns out to be a little more grisly than anticipated.

Cast: Katy Mixon as Katie Otto, Diedrich Bader as Greg Otto, Meg Donnelly as Taylor Otto, Daniel DiMaggio as Oliver Otto, Julia Butters as Anna-Kat Otto, Carly Hughes as Angela and Ali Wong as Doris. Fiona Gubelmann and Ryan Hansen guest star.

Written by Taylor Hamra and directed by John Putch.

Series: American Housewife Season 2 Episode 8
Air Date: Wednesday, December 06, 2017
Time Slot: 9:31 PM-10:00 PM EST on ABC



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