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An Bronntanas (The Gift) Begins Tues 18 Jan on RTE



Filleann An Deoraí (Exile’s Return): JJ Magill returns to Ireland to find the family factory is facing bankruptcy. During a rescue with fellow crew members Jakub and brother Macdara, unknown to JJ, they discover a murdered woman on a boat (An Bronntanas). They try to rescue the woman, Anna.

Cast: Michelle Beamish (Roisin), Charlotte Bradley (Carmel Mcgill), Ciarán Charles (Jack), Dara Devaney (JJ Magill), John Finn (Sean Og), Owen McDonnell (Fiachra Greene), Pól ó Griofa (Macdara Magill),

Originally seen on TG4 in 2014 this is another chance to see the five part thriller. In the series A lifeboat crew discovers millions of euros worth of drugs on a fishing boat off the coast of Ireland.

Airdate: Tuesday 18 January 2022 at 11.25pm on RTE.

Season 1 Episode 1