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Angela Scanlon’s Ask Me Anything This Saturday 29 October on RTE One



This Saturday on RTÉ One former altar boy, X Factor contestant and closet red head; Rylan Clark joins Angela on the pink couch. Ryan chats about building his very own Diary Room in his new gaff, a disturbing tale about his three pet jellyfish – named after the members of Destiny’s Child – and how he will consider it a failure if he doesn’t bag himself an Irish hubby.

The Banshee from Bandon a.k.a. Lyra joins Angela and Rylan on the couch and flashes her newly bejewelled fangs at them! Lyra shares that when she’s writing songs, inspiration usually comes to her when she’s in the shower or having a wee. She also reveals that she wants to be like Enya and live in a castle, hibernating and writing movie soundtracks.

Last but certainly not least Angela’s final guest on Saturday night is author, actor and comedian Ardal O’Hanlon. Ardal chats to Angela about some of the random Father Ted fans including Moby and Steven Spielberg, the live-in trolls who reside in his house and Ardal also regales Rylan and Lyra with the startling coffin linked connection he has with a famous musician!

Angela will bring her unique mix of enthusiasm, wit, and affectionate ribbing to this one-hour show featuring surprises and unexpected revelations for the celebrity guests, as they all agree to be asked, absolutely anything!

Join Angela and her trio of celeb guests for lots of chatter and chuckles this Saturday night, October 29th, on RTÉ One at 9:45pm.

This year Angela’s guests will stay on the hot pink couch to join in all the fun as the other guests appear.

The eight-part series runs until December 3rd.