Animal Park: Season 2021 Episode 3 (BBC One Wednesday 29 March 2023)



Animal Park: Season 2021 Episode 3 airs a new episode today on BBC One.

Being a tiger makes the process of maturation that much more challenging. Young male tiger Rusty at the zoo is acting very unappealingly. His rough pawing and need for attention are causing tension with his sister and mother and altering the previously peaceful balance in the family. This is perfectly normal behavior, but the keepers are worried and think they need to step in to avoid serious harm. Keepers decide to separate Rusty from his mother and sibling at night because male tigers are solitary in the wild. What will the creatures do, though?

Two tiny new residents have recently arrived in the park as part of an international breeding initiative, but they aren’t in the same area. They are a couple of the tiny antelope known as dik-diks. The keepers are overjoyed to see pregnancy indicators, but their excitement quickly turns to concern when they find evidence of illness just days later. The breeding programme’s destiny depends on the results of their diagnostic work with the vet.

Jean Johansson helps the keepers feed the stick insects and Kate helps check the health of the rhinos using a very big set of bathroom scales.

Airdate: Wednesday 29 March 2023 at 10.30am on BBC One.

Season 2023 Episode 3

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