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Antiques Road Trip: Irita and Phil Day 5 (S24EP20 BBC One Fri 28 Jan 2022)



Irita Marriott and Phil Serrell have arrived in Northumberland on the last leg of their tour, where Phil takes a punt on an antique pump for the second time before coming face to face with a scarecrow made in his own image.

Irita takes a painterly turn, fancying a French work of art, and goes back to school Pre-Raphaelite-style in the model village of Ford, where she follows in the footsteps of little-known artist Lady Louisa Waterford.

It’s their last outing in the gold Aston Martin and the pressure gauge is reading high! Can Mr Serrell clutch victory as they race towards the finish line?

Airdate: Fri 28 Jan 2022 at 16:30 on BBC One

Season 24 Episode 20

Antiques experts compete against one another at various auctions across the country to try and earn the most money by the end of the week.