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Antiques Road Trip Today Friday 12 August 2022 on BBC One



What’s happening on Antiques Road Trip Today Friday 12 August on BBC One; Natasha Raskin Sharp and James Braxton are on their final leg of the tour as they drive their Porsche toward Oxfordshire and their last opportunity to shine. The competition is intensifying as people have more money in their pockets and a sense of purpose again.

Natasha struggles to adjust to a healthier budget as they hit the stores. James navigates his way through a number of outbuildings filled to the brim with antique furniture and finds himself in shed heaven.

James visits the sites of England’s first aeronaut’s flights while there is time for some sightseeing in Oxford. Natasha, meanwhile, explores an extraordinary interior, a chapel filled with woodcarver Michelangelo’s intricate carvings.

Then comes their final confrontation. Can old dog James be overtaken by nipping terrier Natasha?

This episode is a repeat.

Airdate: Friday 12 August 2022 at 4.30pm on BBC One.

Season 24 Episode 5