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Antiques Road Trip Today Thursday 29 September 2022 on BBC One



Antiques Road Trip

What’s happening on Antiques Road Trip Today Thursday 29 September on BBC One; It’s the fourth leg of Margie Cooper and Tim Medhurst’s cross-country trip in a large blue camper van from the 1970s. Margie, a silver expert, and Tim, an auctioneer, are going to the beach this time. They leave from Blackpool.

Margie finds a variety of treasures while perusing the Lancashire antique shops, including a push-along donkey, a canine nutcracker, and a galloping leather horse. However, after riding the ghost train and learning the little-known history of this popular attraction, a trip to the fairgrounds leaves Margie feeling rather frightened.

Tim purchases an assortment of goods, including a harvest jug, a pipe holder, and a gilt bar brooch, in the hopes that they will fetch a good price at the Derbyshire auction. Along with learning about one of the founding fathers of British astronomy, he takes time away from the shops.

Airdate: Thursday 29 September 2022 at 3.45pm on BBC One.

Season 25 Episode 14