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Apparitions: Episode 5 (S1EP5 BBC One 11 Dec 2008, Rick Warden)



Episode 5: When a young Muslim, Zaid, claims to see visions of the Virgin Mary, Jacob is sceptical. But when the boy also claims to have seen visions of his dead father suffering in hell, Jacob is convinced that Satan is tricking the boy. Zaid holds his imam hostage in order for Jacob to perform a reverse exorcism, to free Zaid’s father from hell. Cardinal Bukovak advises they go ahead with the ritual, despite Jacob’s misgivings and the potentially catastrophic consequences…

Regular Cast: Martin Shaw (Father Jacob), Rick Warden (Michael)

Guest Cast: John Shrapnel (Cardinal Bukovak), Siobhan Finneran (Sister Ruth), Hassani Shapi, Jamie Blackley, Brana Bajic, Patrick Knowles, Luigi Diberti

Writer: Joe Ahearne / Director: Joe Ahearne

Airdate: 11 Dec 2008 on BBC One

Series: Apparitions Season 1 Episode 5

Show Info: Six part horror drama. Roman Catholic priest Father Jacob finds himself drawn into the horrific world of exorcisms.