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Aquarius: Model Behaviour/The Best Television in the World (ITV 1 Jan 1972)



Two separate entries for this edition, the first of 1972. The first half was called Model Behaviour and was a peek into the world of adults obsessed with toy models whether it be of the train variety or the top soldiers kind. Amongst others director Charlie Squires profiled Victor and Lou Martin who had built an impressive model railway line and spent a large portion of each day running it strictly to the time-table of St Pancras Station – but the 1938 time-table, Squires also met Charles Grant who had built his own war room at the top of his house to re-stage famous battles using miniature soldiers.

The second half was called The Best Television in the World? – Esther Ofarim and was part of an Aquarius strand that looked at TV shows from around the world. This one presented excerpts from an Esther Ofarim special that aired on German TV. This was a high budget entertainment spectacular. The director of that was Bob Rooyens,

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 1 January 1972 at 10.40pm

Series: Aquarius 1972 Episode 1

Production Design: Bryan Bagge / Associate Producer: Russell Harty / Editor: Humphrey Burton / Directors: Charlie Squires, Bruce Gowers