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Armchair Mystery Theatre: Flag Fall (S1EP3 ITV Sun 26 Jun 1960, Patrick Barr)



In Flag Fall Detective Inspector Tanner investigates a series of brutal attacks on Taxi drivers in Sydney. His investigations lead him to the cafe that is directly opposite the cab firm where most of the drivers work.

Of the cast the excellent Ray Barrett was Australian, Leila Blake was born in the UK but moved to Australia later in the 1960’s. Michael Blakemore, Kevin Brennan and most of the supporting players were Australian,

There is some interesting background to the play, Royston Morley who wrote and directed the play, had been living in Australia for the last few years having been involved in getting Australian TV up and running. He had arrived back in the UK via Canada and the US.

production details
UK / ITV – ABC / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 26 June 1960 at 10.00pm

Writer and Director: Royston Morley / Production Design: Roy Stannard

Series: Armchair Mystery Theatre Season 1 Episode 3

Introduced by Donald Pleasence
Patrick Barr as Detective Inspector Tanner
Ray Barrett as Detective Sergeant Cullen
Cyril Renison as Police Doctor
Millicent Martin as Flo Bates
Leslie Wright as PC Thomas
Hana Pravda as Mrs Podolski
Kevin Brennan as TV Commentator
Michael Blakemore as
Betty Berrell as Peggy Stuart
Madge Ryan as Maud Cuthbert
Beryl Gordon as Phyllis Carter
Shirley Cameron as Beverley Morton
John Ebdon as John Fraser
Ellis Irving as Henry Garrett
Russell Napier as Tom Purvis
Leila Blake as Wilma Blake
David Williams as Bob Stanhope
June Jago as Mrs Purvis
Stephen Cato as PC Evans