Auf Wiedersehen Pet: No Sex Please, We’re Brickies (ITV 4 April 1986)

In No Sex Please, We’re Brickies the boys have “persuaded” Ally Fraser to increase the quality of materials for the build, he is rather impressed with the way they handled their “misunderstanding” and arranges another job for the boys, this time in Sunny Spain. With just two weeks to go until the Manor is complete the boys are keen to get things underway. Meanwhile Wayne is having problems with the customs and excise men who have impounded his BMW (he hasn’t paid import duty after bringing it over from Germany). When he discovers that Arthur Pringle was responsible for informing on him he and the boys plan a little surprise for old “baconballs”.

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On the romance front Oz learns that his estranged wife Marjorie is planning to divorce him but doesn’t feel so bad about the situation after scoring an afternoon of pleasure with a well to do married older woman (whose surname just happens to be Chatterley!).

Given the fact that the Manor seems to still in a state of complete disarray it’s hard to believe that the boys will get the whole place finished in a fortnight, but they do of course. There’s a great sequence where Oz, Wayne, Moxy and Bomber plan a riotous night on the town only to find that all available transport has vanished.

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production details
UK / ITV Network – Central / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 4 April 1986

Writer: Stan Hey / Directors: Roger Bamford, Anthony Garner

Series: Auf Wiedersehen Pet Season 2 Episode 7

guest cast
BILL PATERSON as Ally Fraser
BRYAN PRINGLE as Arthur Pringle
MORAG HOOD as Joy Chatterley
JAMES BOOTH as Kenny Ames
KEVIN LLOYD as Harry Blackburn
JAMES BATE as Malcolm Hallwood
VAL McLANE as Norma
SU ELLIOTT as Marjorie
JOHN BOWLER as Howard Radcliff
NICK STRINGER as Customs Officer
LISA WHYTE as Angela Patterson

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