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Australian Idol “Auditions” (Channel 7 Sunday 5 February 2023)



Australian Idol

Australian Idol airs a new episode tonight Sunday 5 February 2023 on Channel 7.

“Auditions” Idol contenders across the country are getting desperate as the number of available spots in the top 50 continuously decreases. Who will win over the panellists and receive the coveted golden ticket?

With tonight’s episode of Australian Idol, Harry Connick Jr., Meghan Trainor, Kyle Sandilands, and Amy Shark have completed half of their nationwide search for the country’s next singing megastar.

Alivia Hollis, a high school senior, opened the auditions by talking about how difficult life had been for her family ever since her father left when she was six years old. Alivia’s performance of Kelly Clarkson’s “Piece by Piece” moved the judges to tears, and she was awarded the night’s first Golden Ticket as a result.

Kartik Kunasegaran, age 27, chose to try his luck with the judges after successfully persuading his father that he should pursue a career in music rather than medicine. Kartik, an alumnus of the Singapore Armed Forces Music and Drama Company, achieved just that with his upbeat performance of Treasure by Bruno Mars, earning him a coveted Golden Ticket.

24-year-old baker and shoe shop employee Montana Lara charmed the judges with her audition by making cookies decorated with their likenesses. After hearing Montana sing Chains by Tina Arena, Meghan proclaimed her, “A force to be reckoned with.”

James Vawser, a 28-year-old Adelaide electrician, has been singing on the job for years and was finally persuaded to audition for Australian Idol by his fellow tradespeople. After his thrilling performance of You Give Me Something by James Morison, the judges awarded him with a Golden Ticket, bringing him one step closer to his goal of performing in front of a large audience.

25-year-old rock musician Sean Jeacle, who Meghan referred to as “straight out of Stranger Things” for his look and sound, was a notable exception. Sam made it into the top 50 with singing “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol.

Tessa Noll, 24, sang Like I’m Gonna to Lose You by Meghan Trainor for her audition, but she was too nervous to do well. Noll is the niece of Australian Idol veteran Shannon Noll.

Tessa was unable to win over the judges, who all agreed that, despite her great voice, she wasn’t prepared for the competition and so missed out on the opportunity to play alongside her uncle.

Amy went to Eton, in North Queensland, to look at coal miner Damien Agius. Damien opted to sing If Tomorrow Never Comes by Garth Brooks, the song that was played at his brother’s burial.

Ahead on Australian Idol Monday night: As the number of spots in the Top 50 dwindles, contestants will resort to any means necessary to ensure that they have a shot at becoming the next American Idol. Who will win the Golden Ticket by best impressing the judges?

Airdate: Sunday 5 February 2023 at 7.00pm on Channel 7.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 7