The Bachelorette Rachel

The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 8 (ABC 17 Jul 2017)

Episode 1308: Rachel has traveled to romantic locations around the globe in her search to find her soul mate. Now, after adventures in Copenhagen, Oslo and Geneva, she returns to the United States to more uncharted territories: the four hometowns of Eric, Bryan, Peter and Dean. Her spirit and resilience is about to be tested by the men and their loved ones, as she tries to figure out how and why she is falling in love with more than one man at a time. Are all these bachelors marriage material? Rachel will try to find out from the people who know them best, as she moves closer to making her fairytale come true.

Rachel starts her visits with a journey to Baltimore, Eric’s hometown. This ambitious young bachelor, whose infectious smile and positive energy has captured her heart, takes the Bachelorette to the rough neighborhood where he grew up. She is in awe of his strength and integrity, as he explains the obstacles he overcame to go to college and achieve his career goals. Eric has never brought a woman home to meet his parents, so Rachel is naturally very nervous. This emotional man vows to his family that he will stop running from love and confess his feelings to Rachel. But will he have the nerve to go through with it?

Bryan is anything but shy when it comes to expressing his feelings for Rachel. She meets him in his hometown of Miami, visiting the famous Calle Ocho where the pair try salsa dancing, playing dominoes and sampling some tasty street food from Columbia. However, there are dark clouds looming as Rachel is fearful of not getting Bryan’s mother’s approval – a problem that broke up his last relationship. Although Rachel does her best to convince his mom that she would be the perfect daughter-in-law, Bryan’s mother is clearly suspicious of her son’s new relationship.

The bustling city of Madison, Wisconsin, which is Peter’s home, is Rachel’s next stop. He can’t wait to introduce Rachel to his friends and his welcoming family. However, Peter still has some emotional walls up, and the Bachelorette’s revealing talk with his mother makes her unsure of what to expect from her sensitive suitor.

Rachel’s final hometown visit brings her to Aspen, Colorado, where Dean lives. After a fun and scenic ATV ride, Dean attempts to prepare Rachel for his familial situation. His father is a Sikh Kundalini yogi, who provided very little love and support after his mother’s death. Father and son have been estranged for years. Rachel is determined to stand by Dean’s side no matter what. She is prepared to meet an unorthodox family; however, Dean is barely able to contain his intense feelings toward his father. Rachel and the other family members leave the house so that the father and son can have a heart-to-heart talk. What transpires is something that rarely has been seen before on “The Bachelorette.”

Rachel and her suitors return to her hometown of Dallas for the moment-of-truth rose ceremony. She is falling in love with all four men and needs to make an impossible choice, saying goodbye to one devastated bachelor. Shaken by this gut-wrenching and heartbreaking ordeal, Rachel doesn’t have much time to gather herself and take the remaining three men to Rioja, Spain.

The four remaining men suitors are:
Bryan, 37, a chiropractor from Miami, FL
Dean, 26, a startup recruiter from Venice, CA
Eric, 29, a personal trainer from Los Angeles, CA
Peter, 31, a business owner from Madison, WI

Hosted by Chris Harrison

Series: The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 8
Air Date: Monday, July 17, 2017
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-10:01 PM EST on ABC