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The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 9 (ABC 24 Jul 2017)



The Bachelorette Rachel

Episode 1309: As Rachel continues her journey to find her soul mate, with a possible proposal or proposals only weeks away, she throws a curve to Bryan, Eric and Peter. They will all meet her family in Dallas. One by one they will be put on the hot seat, as Rachel explores what her future would be like with these potential partners. After the guys meet her family, they are all off to Rioja, Spain, for the romantic overnight dates, giving Rachel the opportunity to spend intimate time with each of the men, free of distractions. However, Rachel has different, but equally troubling, concerns weighing on her mind about these bachelors. Will she gain some clarity and come closer to finding true love, or will more uncertainty and doubt surface?

Peter is the first man to meet Rachel’s family. Making up for lost time, he immediately tells her how he feels about her, and she is excited to introduce him to her family. Peter’s strong feelings for Rachel doesn’t stop him from explaining his reservations about getting married. Will Rachel’s mother appreciate his honesty, or is the end of the road near for this couple?

Eric immediately connects with Rachel’s family because of his humble history. But the fact that he has never been in love before leads them to question whether he is emotionally mature enough to see this relationship through to the end.

Bryan’s overconfident manner doesn’t earn him points with Rachel’s family, who they think he may be too good to be true and too smooth to be sincere. Can Bryan turn things around in order to get the family’s permission to ask Rachel to marry him?

Once in the beautiful wine country of Rioja, Spain, Rachel takes Eric on a fantastic helicopter ride over the region. They climb up winding stone steps to a beautiful monastery where the two discuss their future. Eric must dig deep if he is to say the words he desperately wants to share to Rachel. Their romantic dinner that night gives Eric another opportunity to open his heart as time ticks away.

Peter and Rachel travel to a memorable vineyard in the Spanish countryside where the two explore mystic wine cellars and get their own personalized bottles of wine. They discuss Peter’s reticence to get engaged. He is very clear that he is falling in love with her, but a proposal might be a tall order for him. The seriousness of the situation sinks in, and Rachel dissolves in tears.

The three remaining men suitors are:
Bryan, 37, a chiropractor from Miami, FL
Eric, 29, a personal trainer from Los Angeles, CA
Peter, 31, a business owner from Madison, WI

Hosted by Chris Harrison

Series: The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 9
Air Date: Monday, July 24, 2017
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-10:01 PM EST on ABC