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Back Roads: Cradle Mountain (S8EP3 ABC TV Mon 17 Jan 2022)



Guest presenter Joe O’Brien taps into his inner Bear Grylls in this Back Roads adventure to Cradle Mountain in the wilds of the Tasmanian Highlands.

Joe’s hike begins in Mole Creek where he comes face to face with Mugsy, a teenage Tasmanian Devil with a blood curdling scream.

Next stop is Sheffield, the gateway to Cradle Mountain, where Joe meets flamboyant local Mark Beach Ross. Mark takes Joe on a tour of Sheffield to see what saved this town from the fate of many others in rural Australia – murals. The town boasts hundreds of murals, many are of nearby Cradle Mountain, native animals and a mysterious man, Gustav Weindorfer. To find out more about the man in the murals, Joe heads off to the small town of Wilmot for Weindorfer Memorial Day.

At the local hall, the festivities begin with a celebration of the lives of Gustav and his wife Kate Cowle. Joe learns how their love story gave birth to one of the most stunning parks in the world – the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

Next, Joe sets off on a hike around Cradle Mountain. His guide is legendary food dropper, Wes Moule. Wes carries up to 50 kilos of food to drop off for hikers camping or staying in the huts along the famous Overland Track. Wes and Joe make it to a hut just in time before the Cradle’s treacherous weather closes in. Over a cuppa Joe reflects on how Cradle Mountain’s rugged beauty can bring you to your knees but how it can also fill your soul.

Production credits: Executive Producer and Story Produxer – LouiseTurley.

Airdate: Monday 17 January 2022 at 8.00pm on ABC TV.

Season 8 Episode 3