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Badger: The Price of a Daughter (S2EP2 BBC One Sun 23 Jul 2000, with Brendan Healy)



The Price of a Daughter: Someone is targeting McCabe, he has a dead badger thrown into his garden, death threats, then his daughter, Wilf, is kidnapped.

guest cast
CONOR MALLEN as Ralph Allen / JAYNE CHARLTON MacKENZIE as Julia / BRENDAN HEALY as Ray / BEN PRICE as Dion / ROD CULBERTSON as Vic Kerrigan / MARY PICKIN as Eileen Kerrigan / ROY SMILES as Andy Crane / SCOTT KARALIUS as Liam Allen

WRITER: John Martin

Airdate: Sunday 23 July 2000 at 8.00pm on BBC One.

Season 2 Episode 2

Series: Badger