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Battle Creek: Heirlooms (CBS 22 Mar 2015 with Wes Watson)



USA / CBS / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 22 March 2015 @ 10.00pm

Writer: David Shore / Director: Dan Sackheim

Series: Battle Creek / Season 1 Episode 4

Russ and Milt pit the crime-solving skills of their police dogs against each other as they work to solve the murder of a local waitress.

Meanwhile, Russ tries a new tactic to get Milt to admit what brought him to Battle Creek.

regular cast
Josh Duhamel as Milt Chamberlain
Dean Winters as Russ Agnew
Janet McTeer as Commander Guziewicz
Kal Penn as Fontanelle White
Aubrey Dollar as Holly Dale
Edward Fordham, Jr. as Aaron Funkhauser
Damon Herriman as Detective Niblet
Liza Lapira as Detective Erin Jacocks
Meredith Eaton as Meredith

guest cast
Wes Watson as Max
Heather Ankeny as Eleanor
Michael Gladis as Robert
Susan Ruttan as Carole
Jeryl Prescott Sales as Tracy
Kim Hamilton as Younger Waitress
Ace Gibson as Chef
Carole Gutierrez as Maria
Jeff Adler as George
Ian Gregory as Rich
William Charlton as Bob
Sarah Colonna as Gail