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BBC-1: Capital with Toby Jones and Lesley Sharp Premieres 24 Nov



AIRDATE: Tuesday 24 November 2015 on BBC One

Episode 1 (of 3)

Based on the superb novel by John Lanchester.

To the outside world, the residents of Pepys Road in south London have it all. House prices have rocketed, creating a street of multimillion pound homes – until a mysterious note bearing the words ‘we want what you have’ is dropped through every letterbox. Who has sent the message? And why are they watching the residents?

Petunia (Gemma Jones) has lived all her life on the street. She is growing increasingly worried about her dizzy spells, but doesn’t want to turn to her daughter Mary (Lesley Sharp) for help. Meanwhile, Roger (Toby Jones), banker and supposed family man, is hoping that this year’s bonus might bring him and his wife Arabella (Rachael Stirling) happiness – or at least be able to cover the cost of Bogdan (Rad Kaim) and all the renovations he’s been doing on the house.

Elsewhere, local shopkeeper Ahmed (Adeel Akhtar) is hoping that his brothers Shahid (Danny Ashok) and Usman (Hamza Jeetooa) might finally start to take some responsibility and make something of their lives. Whilst Quentina (Wunmi Mosaku), traffic warden and asylum seeker, is just looking to keep her head down – while being abused by the Pepys Road residents she is ticketing. All of this is watched by the successful but secretive Smitty (Robert Emms) – an artist who shares his own personal connection to Pepys Road.

Before long the ripples caused by the anonymous note will have touched every corner of the community – and the residents of Pepys Road will see their lives transformed.



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