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Beasts: During Barty’s Party (S1EP2 ITV 23 Oct 1976, Anthony Bate)



During Barty’s Party: A suburban couple are held under siege by a pack of frighteningly intelligent rats.

Cast: Elizabeth Sellars (Angie Truscott), Anthony Bate (Regoer Truscott), Colin Bell (Barty Wills), Norman Mitchell (Police Sergeant), John Rhys Davies (Peter Newell), Denis Cleary (James Dodge), Manning Wilson (Commercial Voice), Gary Watson (Commercial Voice), Richard Bebb (Commercial Voice), Marie Sutherland (Commercial Voice), Alan Dudley (Mr Gibson), Elizabeth Counsell (Mrs Gibson), Jennifer Brassett (Gibson Child), Steve Fletcher (Gibson Child)

Writer: Nigel Kneale / Director: Don Taylor

Airdate: 23 Oct 1976 on ITV

Series: Beasts Season 1 Episode 2

Show Info: Six part anthology series of supernatural themed dramas from the pen of the creator of Quatermass. Made by ATV for the ITV Network.