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Beecham House Episode 5 airs Sun 14 Jul on ITV



Episode 5

In episode 5 of Beecham House John is shocked to discover that Margaret has left Delhi. Determined to go after her he is stopped in his tracks by Ram Lal who reveals the truth about Chanchal and Daniel’s relationship. Daniel has been summoned back to the Company and he is intent on leaving. An angry John tells him that Chanchal is pregnant. He shirks the responsibility. The brothers come to blows in front of the entire household and the secret around the pregnancy is exposed.

Servants, Henrietta and Violet are shocked by the news. But there is worse to come as Castillon bursts into Beecham House. He accuses John of theft and arrests him for stealing the Agra Diamond from the Royal Emperor’s household. John pleads his innocence but is thrown in jail by the Emperor for refusing to reveal his accomplice. Daniel’s suspicions about Samuel increase when he follows him through the Delhi docks and market to the Red Fort. Samuel is clearly up to no good.

The shock of John’s arrest forces Chandrika to leave. Daniel now takes charge of the household and finally steps up to his responsibility of fighting for the return of his brother. In a race against time Ram Lal, John’s loyal servant, rushes to find Margaret and tell her the news. Can anyone save John from this false accusation or is he fated to spend the rest of his days in jail?

Airdate: Sunday 14 July 2019 at 9.00pm on ITV.

Season 1 Episode 5