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Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Holy Ship! We’re Sailing! (Series Premiere Bravo Mon 3 Feb 2020)



Holy Ship! We’re Sailing!: Crew members on a luxury sailing yacht prepare to begin a new charter season; a couple discovers that they will be working in the same department for the first time; tensions arise between members of the old crew and the new crew.

Bravo sets sail on the newest iteration of the highly rated and acclaimed original franchise with “Below Deck Sailing Yacht”. Trading in the motor yacht famed on “Below Deck,” this series is set on a luxury sailing yacht with a new crew and equally demanding charter guests looking to follow the wind as they cruise along the crystal-clear blue waters of Corfu, Greece. Chef Adam Glick from “Below Deck Mediterranean” returns to the galley aboard the180-foot-long sailing yacht Parsifal III.

Airdate: Monday 3 February 2020 at 9.00pm on Bravo.

Season 1 Episode 1