Benidorm Season 9 Episode 8 (ITV 19 Apr 2017, with Mark Heap)

Benidorm Season 9 Episode 8

Benidorm, the sitcom about the antics of British holidaymakers in an all-inclusive resort on the Costa Blanca continues. A previously unobserved Spanish religious festival puts a damper on events as there is no fun to be had or alcohol available anywhere in Benidorm. Reluctantly, the staff at The Solana try to enforce the ban but all the guests are seriously hacked off and are determined to ignore it.

Led by Pauline (Selina Griffiths) and Loretta (Kate Fitzgerald), the search is on for some diversion. While Joyce is away in Barcelona, Sam (Shelley Longworth) sees another opportunity to make a few euros and sells tickets to Neptune’s for the evening. Some additional acts for the night have been booked to make up for the lack of booze, but the staff know that the guests will not be happy with that and plans have to be made. Will Mr Wu’s (Paul Chan) special brew hit the spot?

Troy (Paul Bazely) is due to open a new salon in London and desperately needs models for a photo shoot, can he rely on Kenneth (Tony Maudsley) and Liam (Adam Gillen) come up with the goods? The odds do not look good. Pauline’s mysterious Malcolm (Mark Heap) arrives and she seems to be under his spell again – but will it last?

Benidorm Season 9 Episode 8 airs on Wednesday 19 April 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on ITV

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