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Benidorm Series 9 Premieres Wed 1 Mar on ITV



Benidorm Series 9

Benidorm, the comedy drama about the antics of British holidaymakers returns for a brand new ninth series on Wednesday 1 March at 9.00pm on ITV, with Joyce TempleSavage once again the manageress.

The Dawsons are back for another Benidorm allinclusive holiday and everyone at the Solana certainly knows they have arrived when Eddie (Bobby Knutt) makes a shattering entrance and Joyce (Sherrie Hewson) and the resort staff are left to mop up the consequences.

As a result, Eddie is caught short in the clothing department and Sheron’s (Julie Graham) fashion taste is called into question when he asks her to pick him up some new clothes. Kenneth (Tony Maudsley) is having some financial problems but interest in an old inheritance from local dentist Stanley (Nigel Havers) might be the solution. Liam (Adam Gillen) and Kenneth pay him a visit and end up walking away with a smile on their faces. Sam (Shelley Longworth), the new holiday rep sent from head office, ruffles Joyce’s feathers. Tiger (Danny Walters) and Joey (Nathan Bryon) are in party mood so Sam (Shelley Longworth) takes them under her wing. But when Rob (Josh Bolt) joins them clubbing, there is a surprise in store. Also starring Tim Healy and Jake Canuso.

Benidorm Season 9 Episode 1 airs on Wednesday 1 March 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on ITV,



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