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Bergerac: In Love and War (BBC-1 18 Feb 1990, with Brenda Bruce)



Bergerac In Love and War

In In Love and War Karen Markham is helping a South African fugitive who is hiding out on Jersey. The law and order committee wants the Bureau to help track him down but Markham, a member of the committee and a strong anti-apartheid supporter and lived in South African for many years, is not sure they should be helping the Pretorian police.

Meanwhile Charlie tells Jim that he should go back to France to pursue Therese. When he tries to call Therese her father Albert makes it plain he wants Jim to stay away. So far he has been very anti-Jim in fact, whether that is more a personal dislike of Jim or the fact that he needs Therese’s help at the vineyard and he is worried Jim will take her away is hard to say.

Jim does decide to spend the weekend with Therese, which puts him in Charlie’s bad books (despite Charlie pushing him into it) because he wants Jim’s help (on the quiet) to bring in the fugitive. South African cop Scholes also arrives secretly on the island.

Once with Therese and her father Jim discovers the real reason for Albert’s dislike – he want’s the widowed Therese to marry his neighbour’s son (who also owns a vineyard) to bring two vineyards together.

Meanwhile there is a somewhat iffy subplot involving Ben Lomas and his attempts to improve his shooting skills and becoming quite obsessed about it in the process. Of course it turns out that by the end of the episode he is involved in a shoot out!

Bergerac In Love and War Brenda Bruce and Shaun Scott

Brenda Bruce plays Karen Markham and Shaun Scott plays South African policeman Scholes.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 18 February 1990 at 7.45pm

Writer: John Collee / Director: Jeremy Ancock

Series: Bergerac Season 8 Episode 6

John Nettles as Det Sgt Jim Bergerac
David Kershaw as Ben Lomas
Don Crerar as Cooper
Terence Alexander as Charlie Hungerford
Brenda Bruce as Karen Markham
Michael Mellinger as Albert Leufroid
Therese Liotard as Danielle Aubry
John Telfer as Willy Pettit
Tyrone Huggins as Roland
Clive Merrison as Ackroyd
Robin Chandler as Marty
Shaun Scott as Scholes