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Bergerac: Second Time Around (BBC-1 26 Dec 1989, with David Schofield)



In Second Time Around Jim is back from his sabbatical, no mention of what he has been up to though, just straight into the case. He and the team investigate the strange death of a businessman called Ted Grob, found handcuffed to a bench and drowned in his own swimming pool.

As the investigation begins Jim discovers Grob may have been involved in a bank robbery 8 years before. The robbery involved intercepting a South African arriving on Jersey laden down with cash to deposit at one of the Jersey banks.

We know that the killer is David Mason, just out of prison after 8 years, he was involved in the original robbery and was “fitted up” by Grob and his fellow gang members. He is of course now determined to get his revenge.

Charlie collapses at home and is suffering from pneumonia, he also has a bit of a love interest in the shape of the much younger Sally (played by the gorgeous Sarah Neville).  As is usually the case Charlie also happens to be involved in the case – over the years he has bought lots of antiques from a man called Moise Davidson. He is working hand in hand with the villains who are led by the tough Harry Tilson.

As is usual with a script from Ian Kennedy Martin the quality is pretty high and there is plenty of humour too, especially in the scenes between David Mason and his hitman partner Damian. There is a high body count and plenty of action too, not least in a daring sea chase between Tilson and Jim. Tilson makes his escape by leaping from the boat to a waiting helicopter. The whole last 25 minutes or so are in fact all action, with Tilson’s team trying their luck a second time with a carbon copy of the first raid only to have Mason and his hitman Damien waiting.

There are lots of well known faces too including David Schofield as the mentally unbalanced Mason, Donald Sumpter and Andrew Sachs.

Bergerac Second Time Around

“you’ve completely ruined my meal now.”

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×90 minute episode / Broadcast 26 December 1989

Writer: Ian Kennedy Martin / Director: Peter Ellis

Series: Bergerac Special Number Four (Airing between seasons 7 and 8)

John Nettles as Jim Bergerac
Terence Alexander as Hungerford
Sean Arnold as Crozier
John Telfer as Willy Pettit
David Kershaw as Ben Lomas
David Schofield as David Mason
Jennifer Landor as Elizabeth Dufresne
Donald Sumpter as Harry Tilson
Prentis Hancock as Arthur Medley
Richard Hawley as Michael Fulton
Chris Langham as Devas
Andrew Sachs as Moise Davidson
Rupert Frazer as Ted Grob
Sarah Neville as Sally Collins
Derrick Branche as Damian Shore
Elizabeth Bradley as Mrs. Maurice
Lisa Climie as Wendy
Pavel Douglas as De Lavarre
Clare Byam Shaw as Dr. Bonham