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Bettany Hughes: Treasures Of Jordan (SBS Sunday 19 March 2023)



Bettany Hughes: Treasures Of Jordan on SBS

Bettany Hughes: Treasures Of Jordan: Professor Bettany Hughes OBE, delves into Jordan’s rich creative and cultural heritage.

Jordan, located at a crossroads between the ancient civilizations of the East and the West, has played a crucial role in the development of both. Bettany finds a lavish Nabatean mansion, stunning frescoes dating back two thousand years, and a mystery snake pyramid at Petra, the rock-cut capital of the obscure Nabateans.

Betsy reports on recent excavations at the site of the ancient Roman city of Jerash, which tell the tragic tale of an earthquake that devastated the city during the early Islamic era. Bettany, who has exclusive access to the excavation’s results, finds out why this varied community never recovered from the horrific natural calamity and sees the toll of the quake for herself, witnessing the destruction of a house and the crushed skeleton of one of its young occupants.

Airdate: Sunday 19 March 2023 at 7.30pm on SBS.